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5 Best Pain Relief Gifts

If you know someone who suffers from chronic pain or frequent muscle tension after a workout why not get them a gift that will actually be useful. Though it might not be the usual thing to gift someone it’s a present that could potentially improve their quality of life.  This article will look at five very different types of pain relief massagers across all budget types in order to help you choose that perfect pain relief gift.

Beenax Massage Ball Set

These ball sets come with one lacrosse ball and one spiky ball so you get the option of trying out each to find what your most comfortable with. They can be used to good effect in the neck, shoulders, back and feet, personally I find the lacrosse ball better for back and leg pain and spiky ball better for the feet. These are light and portable and are better option on budget or for someone who need more focused pain as opposed to wider pain areas, more suitable to using a massage roller.

Beenax Massage Ball Set is available for £8.99.

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Ultrasport Massage Roller

This is a very effective self-massage treatment roller, primary designed for back and leg problems and to help relieve muscle tension in these areas.  The hard foam roll is also suitable for use as a fascia roller for rehabilitation training. The roller is 38 centimetres long and would be a good option for someone who needs a soothing and gentle way of relieving pain or muscle tension across a large area.

The Ultrasport Massage Roller is available for £24.99.

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The MANLI cordless head massager

The MANLI cordless head massager is a fantastic piece of kit and although it can be used on other parts of the body it’s primary focus is providing a soothing massage for the head to help with headaches and stress.  The massager has four single heads which rotate clockwise or anticlockwise and at two different speed settings, this provides a wonderful soothing sensation as it is pressed gently on to the head.  The massage heads each have 7 knots that are made of rubber which provide a soft sensation on the head helping you to feel relaxed and comfortable.  The fact that this item is a wireless is also a huge bonus as it can be very limiting when you were tethered to a cable, this also means that you can take the MANLI cordless head massager with you anywhere.

This device requires no batteries as it has its own built in rechargeable battery that lasts a surprisingly long time, almost 2 weeks with moderate use and a 2-hour charging time.  When it comes to charging the battery this is made easier as the massager comes this its own docking station base and common usb mini charging cable.

The Manli massager is available for £22.99.

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Naipo Percussion massager

This massager is motor operated and provides a quick massage effect on painful areas of the body, it comes with heat button to assist soothing the painful area and a variable speed switch to finely tune the massage for your needs. The massager is designed to be used in multiple areas of the body including the back, foot, leg, calf, neck and shoulder. Included also are 3 heads made of ABS plastic and 3 of the same design made of silicon. The plastic heads give a more intense massage that I find are better used over clothing whereas the silicon heads provide a gentler massage and better used directly on the skin.

This item is great when you need to focus on intense small painful areas but you need to bear in mind that this massager is wired and it needs to be plugged into the mains at all times, though the cable is reasonably long its does limit you to where you can use it.

Naipo Percussion massager is priced at £29.99.   

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ABOX Muscle Massage Gun

Similar to the Naipo Percussion massager, the ABOX muscle massage gun offers the next level of intensive massaging. The massager has a 30W High-torque Brushless Motor produces max 3300 powerful strokes per minute to reach tissue up to 12mm. It is equipped with 8 different shapes of massage heads; it provides a relaxing massage experience to help relax all parts of the body and it is able to be set to 30 different speeds so it can be perfecty fine-tuned to suit. It is cordless and comes with a long-lasting battery which lasts around 8 hours of continuous use. Though this item is the most expensive on this list, it provides a deep level of massage therapy and is perfect if other massagers are not making an effect on the pain.    

ABOX Muscle Massage Gun is priced at £99.99.   

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