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Exit The Game by Kosmos, puzzle game to play at home

Exit The Game by Kosmos, escape room puzzles for 1- 4 players.

Puzzled by the idea ‘perfect gift’? well, puzzle no more. Over recent months it has at times proven difficult to find things to entertain the family, particularly if you’re looking for something that helps pull them away from the screens and consoles. The popularity of escape rooms in recent years has grown massively and though we aren’t as able to go out and do these things as freely as we did in the past, we can bring the challenge into our homes thanks to the collection of escape room puzzles by Kosmos.

There are currently 10 games to choose from in the series but they are constantly adding more to the series. These are very cleverly produced, not only do you get everything that you need in the box to set up the activity but there are enough aspects to the puzzles that several people can actively be involved in solving the puzzles at the same time or alternatively you can work through the puzzle alone.

The games come with a selection of cards, a puzzle book, code disc and other items specific to that game that help you solve a puzzle (not shown). You use the riddle cards along with the puzzle book and code disc to identify the answer number card you need to turn over for each puzzle. They also come with a selection of clue cards if you need a helping hand. The game helps you along every step of the way by telling you exactly which card you need to pick up so, providing you’ve chosen the correct answer in the first place that is.

In addition to the items received in the box, there is also a supporting app available for download, whether it be IOS or Android, the app brings a new element to the puzzle by adding atmospheric sounds and a timer to race against. Of course, no harm done if you want to tackle the puzzles without the timer element, admittedly when we played it, tensions built to the point we had to mute the app!

The games come across five level ratings, levels 1-2 are great for younger players or new players to the series, these typically can be completed in around 1-2 hours. Level three games take around 2-3 hours are rewarding but challenging. The top levels 4-5, are for those who like a tough challenge and can easily take 3+ hours to complete.

Another great aspect is this is only one in a whole range of puzzles. We’re already debating over which one to try next!

The Exit the game puzzles by Kosmos are for 10+ years and are available from $10:59 Here / £13:50 Here:

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