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5 Good Medical Gifts in 2020

This is not a line of gifts I’d ever imagine coming up but this year looking after your health and the health of your loved ones has never been so important. We find ourselves in a once in life time situation where we can’t always be there for everyone, especially being with the extended family as much as we once were. That’s why we have put together this list of important medical items that can be practical gifts to help keep their health in check during these unprecedented times.      

Anpole weekly pillbox

Lives can be busy and whether your already an organised person or someone looking to introduce some element of organisation into a loved one’s daily routine.

Following a loved one’s recent operation, we had to think quickly how we could help make sure their recovery was a speedy one whilst enabling them to remain as independent as possible. This pill / supplement organiser really played its part. The multiple sections per day made it clear and concise for organising their treatment, whilst the handy leather cover added an element of privacy, not many people would want others knowing their business, so this really helps.

Finally, each of the days are removable so should you go on a weekend away, there isn’t the necessity to take the full kit, just take the days you want and off you go.

They are available for available for $6.99 HERE / £ 7.99 HERE

AFAC Oximeters

Oximeters have been extremely popular this year, the reason being that they have been recognised by health officials including nhs uk as a quick indication of lung health conditions including coronavirus.

They work by clipping on to a finger, the light shines through your finger displaying the blood oxygen saturation level and pulse rate in a quick and completely pain free manner. The recommended oxygen level is between 95-100, so its easy to see if you have any issues and if your levels fall below these numbers. They are powered by two AAA batteries.

These oximeters are available for $14.95 HERE / £17.99 HERE.

Merrimen Disposable Facemasks

2020 will be known as the year of the facemask, along with hand washing they are the first line of defence in protecting yourself and others in these challenging times.  These masks come in a pack of 50, they are comfortable and much easier to breath in than the cloth masks. They also have the important metal bar to ensure a tight fit over the nose rarely seen on the cloth masks.

 The Merrimen Facemasks are available for $12.59 HERE/£8.89 HERE

Alivecor KardiaMobile EKG monitor

This device allows people to keep check of their heart health without the need to visit the physician by performing a EKG at their own discretion on a smart phone.

 Simply install the app on your phone and place two fingers of each hand on the nodes and 30 seconds later you have your results, no wires, patches or gels needed. The app automatically looks at your result and alerts you if there are any problems, though this is reassuring you also have the option of sending the EKG to a cardiologist for a small fee 5 pounds if you’d prefer trained human eyes to look over your results.

It can detect AFib, Bradycardia and Tachycardia and the device can be used as much as you want and there are no hidden costs once you have bought it, there is however an optional premium subscription but that only offers unlimited storage to store results and a schedule to send your reports to you via email monthly. I’ve been using this item for two years and never filled the storage so I’d recommend against getting the premium for now.

The Alivecor KardiaMobile EKG monitor is available for $99 HERE /£99 HERE

Butterfly IQ smartphone ultrasound

Our final item is the amazing smartphone ultrasound the Butterfly IQ, though some may consider it a luxury item given its price, it really is another leap forward in accessible technology for the masses.

Included are the scanner probe and a choice of either lightning or usb-c cable, depending on what platform your using. Using b-mode or color doppler mode, the scanner displays live images under the skin on to your phone in real time, these images can he labelled and measured just like a real ultrasound. The basic subscription does not include the option to capture the images so the package would need to be upgraded to gain access to your images at a later date. Butterfly

IQ smartphone ultrasound is available for $1999 HERE /£1699 HERE

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